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Here are all articles tagged with “weeknotes.”

  • Weeknote 34/2020

    Usability testing is all I have to share.

  • Weeknote 33/2020

    New concrete, FedEx, a derecho, loss of power, and the clean-up.

  • Weeknote 26 and 27

    Fringe CSS, Netlify build plugins, the 4th.

  • Weeknote 23/2020

    Static sites, components, RSS feed, injustice, and unrest.

  • Weeknote 22/2020

    Memorial day, negative COVID test, plants and landscaping.

  • Weeknote 21/2020

    Birthday parades, static sites, and design systems.

  • Weeknote 20/2020

    Visits to the vet and Chic-fil-A. What I’ve been up to the 20th week of 2020.

  • Weeknote 24 and 25

    A very big couple weeks, but not much to say.

  • Weeknote 19/2020

    Improved VS Code workflow, COVID close to home, office announcment ... What I’ve been up to the 19th week of 2020.

  • Weeknote 18/2020

    Iowa reopens 77 counties, grid layout, accessibility leaderboard, and first trips outside the house. The 18th week of 2020.

  • Weeknote 17/2020

    Mysterious tracks, a run, accessibility, and patterns. What I’ve been up to the 17th week of 2020.

  • Weeknote 16/2020

    Easter, snow, tomato plants. What I’ve been up to the 16th week of 2020.

  • Weeknote 15/2020

    Painting, inclusive inputs, evening run, the Supermoon, masks. What I was up to the 15th week of 2020.

  • Weeknote 14/2020

    What I’ve been up to the 14th week of 2020. Gardening, early starts, and bear hunts.

  • Weeknote 13/2020

    What I’ve been up to the 13th week of 2020. Runs, top 200 Eleventy performance, isolation, limits, and free toilet paper.

  • Weeknote 12/2020

    Happenings during the 12th week of 2020. Preparations for coronavirus, updates, and other thoughts.

  • Weeknote 11/2020

    What I’ve been up to the 11th week of 2020.

  • Weeknote 9/2020

    What I’ve been up to the 9th week of 2020.