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Here are all articles tagged “weeknotes.”

  • Weeknote 28/2023

    Drag and drop research for a sortable list component.
  • Weeknote 22/2023

    Eleventy 2.0 build failed. Netlify builds using .toml. Gardening.
  • Weeknote 15/2023

  • Weeknote 11/2023

  • Weeknote 08/2023

  • Weeknote 01/2023

    A new year, a year older, web components.
  • Weeknote 51/2022

    New office/studio.
  • Weeknote 50/2022

    Lost and found!
  • Weeknote 49/2022

    Still no progress on the office, still no sign of my journal.
  • Weeknote 42/2022

    New office construction has begun.
  • Weeknote 34/2022

    StencilJS and lots of work.
  • Weeknote 26/2022

    Personal sites and RSS.
  • Weeknote 25/2022

    A nice website.
  • Weeknote 23/2022

  • Weeknote 22/2022

    A good run, vertigo, no running. Chat widget tinkerings.
  • Weeknote 21/2022

    Design principles and the Agile design principles.
  • Weeknote 19/2022

    Safari does weird things.
  • Weeknote 18/2022

    An elm, a tumble, and a run.
  • Weeknote 17/2022

  • Weeknote 16/2022

  • Weeknote 13/2022

  • Weeknote 11/2022

    Favicons and a self-portrait illustration.
  • Weeknote 10/2022

  • Weeknote 07/2022

  • Weeknote 05/2022

  • Weeknote 03/2022

    Eleventy is officially v1 and giclée prints.
  • Weeknote 02/2022

    Looking at career fulfillment.
  • Weeknote 1/2022

    A weeknote for the last (partial) week of 2021 and the start of 2022.
  • Weeknote 52/2021

    A technology statement gets me thinking, a self portrait.
  • Weeknote 49/2021

    Contemplating CSS resets.
  • Weeknote 42/2021

    State of Eleventy cameo.
  • Weeknote 37/2021

    Labor Day weekend in a tent with the dog.
  • Weeknote 36/2021

    A quick week and some time off. Hurt on the first run of the week and haven't run since.
  • Weeknote 35/2021

    Drop caps and the mystery of the missing runs.
  • Weeknote 33/2021

    It's been an Olympics themed week! Top honors on on the Eleventy Leaderboards and Sanya.
  • Weeknote 32/2021

    This week's CSS learning - CSS property fit-content. Running log updates and the 2022 Grand Blue Mile (maybe).
  • Weeknote 31/2021

    SVG favicons. Viewbox, height, and width refresher. SVG favicons inline with base64 encoding with an example.
  • Weeknote 28/2021

    Left the state for the first time since the pandemic began, HSLA color system progress, and had a good run.
  • Weeknote 27/2021

    Worked on my outdoor kitchen and fixed Emmet for Nunjucks files.
  • Weeknote 26/2021

    OS upgrade, Safari 15, tinkerings. Nothing else.
  • Weeknote 24/2021

    First run since vertigo and it was hot. Garmin Connect data, and date and time inputs.
  • Weeknote 23/2021

  • Weeknote 22/2021

    Customize Slack from incoming webhooks, the lingering affects of vertigo, things are opening up.
  • Weeknote 21/2021

    Vertigo. More Bitbucket Pipelines and Slack notifications.
  • Weeknote 20/2021

    YAML anchors and deploying to Amazon S3.
  • Weeknote 19/2021

    BBQ again, Bitbucket Pipeline, Web Component.
  • Weeknote 18/2021

    Styling Web Components mostly.
  • Weeknote 17/2021

    Current state of Javascript, charts to understand your own discipline, breaking points, more whitespace madness, running break, a new(ish) smoker.
  • Weeknote 16/2021

    Two weeks after the second...
  • Weeknote 15/2021

    Prefers reduced motion, Space Jam, HSLA and LCH color systems.
  • Weeknote 14/2021

    RSS and a second trip to Hy-Vee.
  • Weeknote 13/2021

    Personal sites.
  • Weeknote 12/2021

    Marking one year of working from home. Experiment with CSS Variables.
  • Weeknote 11/2021

    System fonts, running, SPA and MPA.
  • Weeknote 10/2021

    First run since January, SmolCSS, Speedlify leaderboard.
  • Weeknote 09/2021

    Upgraded internet and the state of design.
  • Weeknote 08/2021

    A very cold start to the week, my art fix, and trying out Obsidian for notes management.
  • Weeknote 2/2020

    A birthday and insurrection.
  • Weeknote 1/2021

    A weeknote for the first (partial) week of 2021.
  • Weeknote 52/2020

    The Great Conjunction, wild temprature swings, slow and steady webcomic, and Christmas.
  • Weeknote 51/2020

    Lazy loading images, tap targets, minification.
  • Weeknote 49/2020

    Progressive enhancement, changes to this site, finished another Phillip Marlowe novel, positive COVID tests.
  • Weeknote 48/2020

    Chrome bug, modified Thanksgiving, more Raymond Chandler.
  • Weeknote 47/2020

    COVID cases on the rise, Phillip Marlowe, CSS minification, and miscellaneous improvements to this site.
  • Weeknote 46/2020

    Covid cases on the rise, finished Empire of the Summer Moon, Click to GIF for a11y.
  • Weeknote 45/2020

    Warmer weather, a11y, and the 2020 election.
  • Weeknote 43/2020

    Eleventy leaderboard, front-end dev, runs, and the end of a long book.
  • Weeknote 41/2020

    Eleventy leaderboard, exploring color charts, and Haikus.
  • Weeknote 34/2020

    Usability testing is all I have to share.
  • Weeknote 33/2020

    New concrete, FedEx, a derecho, loss of power, and the clean-up.
  • Weeknote 26 and 27

    Fringe CSS, Netlify build plugins, the 4th.
  • Weeknote 23/2020

    Static sites, components, RSS feed, injustice, and unrest.
  • Weeknote 22/2020

    Memorial day, negative COVID test, plants and landscaping.
  • Weeknote 21/2020

    Birthday parades, static sites, and design systems.
  • Weeknote 20/2020

    Visits to the vet and Chic-fil-A. What I’ve been up to the 20th week of 2020.
  • Weeknote 24 and 25

    A very big couple weeks, but not much to say.
  • Weeknote 19/2020

    Improved VS Code workflow, COVID close to home, office announcment ... What I’ve been up to the 19th week of 2020.
  • Weeknote 18/2020

    Iowa reopens 77 counties, grid layout, accessibility leaderboard, and first trips outside the house. The 18th week of 2020.
  • Weeknote 17/2020

    Mysterious tracks, a run, accessibility, and patterns. What I’ve been up to the 17th week of 2020.
  • Weeknote 16/2020

    Easter, snow, tomato plants. What I’ve been up to the 16th week of 2020.
  • Weeknote 15/2020

    Painting, inclusive inputs, evening run, the Supermoon, masks. What I was up to the 15th week of 2020.
  • Weeknote 14/2020

    What I’ve been up to the 14th week of 2020. Gardening, early starts, and bear hunts.
  • Weeknote 13/2020

    What I’ve been up to the 13th week of 2020. Runs, top 200 Eleventy performance, isolation, limits, and free toilet paper.
  • Weeknote 12/2020

    Happenings during the 12th week of 2020. Preparations for coronavirus, updates, and other thoughts.
  • Weeknote 11/2020

    What I’ve been up to the 11th week of 2020.
  • Weeknote 9/2020

    What I’ve been up to the 9th week of 2020.