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Run Log: 8/25/2021

On August 25th, 2021 at , I went for a 3.00 mile run. The run took 19:53 which was an average of 6:37 per mile. Kind of rough. 86 degrees at 9 pm. Got behind early. Night runs always feel faster than they are. I wanted to try something faster but it was forced. Additional statistics for my run are below.

Day & Time8/25/2021, 8:37 PM
Distance3.00 miles
Pace6:37 per mile
Heart Rate170 beats per minute (183 Max)
VO2 Max56 VO2 Max
Speed9.06 miles per hour (9.91 max)
Stride Length1.48 meters
Steps3290 (164.48/minute)

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