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Weeknote 23/2022

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  • This week has flown by. I didn't have a chance to pause until Friday. Over the past few months I have spent a lot of time reflecting on a lot of things and spending more time in a paper journal.
  • Rebuilt the underpinnings of the art section to use images from the Cloudinary API. I post of some of this work on Instagram and the other day I was prompted enter my birth date. Simple enough. They say they want to make sure they deliver age appropriate content. That's a good idea. But I wondered to myself, why else do they want to know? Why do I use a site I don't trust? It makes posting images easy. I want to go to a site, upload, enter a few fields, and see it on a website (ideally my website). So I did some stuff and it really didn't take that long, either. When art images are posted to Cloudinary a JSON feed is updated then Zapier runs and kicks off a Netlify build. I might be one step closer to shedding another account.
  • I reduced the image size on the homepage 61% by using WebP.
Weeknote 22/2022

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