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Weeknote 18/2022

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  • Planted a “Lewis & Clark” Prairie Expedition Elm, Ulmus americana, in the yard last Saturday. Up until recently I had not considered an Elm. Dutch Elm Disease swept through this part of the country during the last half of the last century killing almost all trees. Elms have not been considered a viable landscaping tree as a result. I saw the Prairie Expedition in my local nursery and read up on it. It has excellent DED resistance.
  • Took a tumble jumping over a fence on Saturday and I’m still a bit sore.
  • I ran the Grand Blue Mile in 5:04. I had hoped to go under 5 minutes because I had a good winter. I hoped for hills and workouts in March and April but had some setbacks. I only ran 8 times between February 21st and April 5th—and only 3 times between 2/21 and 3/20.
Weeknote 17/2022

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