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Weeknote 16/2022

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  • I’m really enamored with How Many Plants. It is such a wonderfully fun and helpful website. The illustrations by Evie May Adams are, I think, why I feel this way. So good.
  • I've been thinking a lot about backlogs. Backlogs of bugs and features are very helpful. Backlogs can easily grow to be too large to be manageable or up-to-date.
    • Do backlogs make us lose sight of priorities and goals?
    • Are inventories a way to gate-keep product or UX priorities?
    • Are backlogs a way to put one's knowledge and expertise on display? Whose pile is bigger?
  • A discussion on the topic and my questions about what is valued, prompted the analogy:

“The backlog is a burning building. What are the things you really need to get out?”

Weeknote 13/2022

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