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Weeknote 10/2022

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  • Vertigo. No running this week.
  • I set out last week to rethink my options with the Art section of my site. I would like to utilize Collections and create pages from JSON data. I ran into some struggles and while investigating a solution in the Eleventy documentation found a way to page to previous and next posts.
  • Linking to other posts is something I have wanted to do but it couldn’t think of an easy way. This is easy. So that is done—and I like the way it turned out.
  • Over the last week I’ve made some design updates including custom properties for all the things, other general refactors of CSS, background color change for light mode, updated the font-family to use system ui-serif and ui-monospaced fonts (Working Draft, Safari only).
  • Building Consistent UIs with Open Props w/ Adam Argyle! was really helpful, thoughtful, and gives me some ideas.
  • 10-mile bike ride on Friday (3/4/2022) over lunch. Legs felt very tired by the end. Haven't run in over a week and a half (2/21/2022). Anxious to get rolling again. I think I’m getting past the vertigo, hopefully.
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