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Weeknote 05/2022

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  • I eagerly awaited two books last week. Rendering in Pencil by Arthur Guptill and Pencil Broadsides by Theodore Kautzky. I purchased them both online after stumbling across a library website during research on Kautzky's methods. I woke up Monday morning and all I wanted to do was pour through the pages of these books.
  • I feel like I’ve rediscovered something lost. There was something so immersive and joyful in drawing the things around me, something I lost years ago. The books and the work feel like buried treasure.
  • I have some quiet time at night and I’ve taken advantage of that time to draw on my iPad. It’s not the most ideal mode of expression but it’s convenient. At the start of the new year I re-evaluated my goals and identified obstacles with art. There are already too many obstacles to have a precious view of what is acceptable and what is not.
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