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Solving Problems in Design

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Over the weekend I was pleased to receive an email from my college professor Roy R. Behrens. Roy taught the first graphic design class I took in college. It was so impactful I decided to change my emphasis. His later classes and encouragement further convinced me to pursue a career in design. After graduation, when I had become frustrated with the job market I reached out to him. Roy passed along a lead that ultimately became my first job.

In June he featured my student work in a video he produced, titled Solving Problems in Design. The video was presented at a symposium that followed an exhibition titled Evolving Graphic Design.

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In May 2022, an invitational exhibition titled Evolving Graphic Design was curated by graphic designer Yeohyun Ahn at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. This concluded in late June with a hybrid (both online and in-person) symposium, featuring short presentations by various exhibitors. This video on using problems in teaching design was presented by author and designer Roy R. Behrens.

Even after retirement, at age 76, Professor Behrens continues to influence students. Today, he teaches online courses for Drake University.

Ray Frederick Sale

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