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Not So Fast

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This website began with one goal—to have a website again, a place to share my work. Then, as I often do, I found a tempting distraction. This time it was site speed. My focus turned to limiting requests, avoiding layout shifts, and reducing bytes—all worthy pursuits. I even found a way to measure my efforts and see how they stack up. What fun!

Tinkering is something I enjoy. I tinker in the garage, in the garden, with bikes, and on house projects. The list goes on. It’s a great way to learn. I pick up hobbies like I’m going to live to be 200 years old. But earlier this year I realized I had avoided my initial goal. You see, tinkering is a way for me to make, build, or improve without any real commitment. In this case, it was a way for me to replace proactive vision with reactive metrics.

Since March I focused more on a coherent design path. I’ve improved typography and refactored styles. I created an SVG self-portrait to dress up the homepage and started to make and share more artwork. I’m pleased with where I am and the renewed focus—even if it’s hard to see or measure.

Update 06/01/2021: I dropped from #1 to #25 for Eleventy Leaderboards for №18.

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