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From the beginning, I did not want to involve analytics on this site. This was for two reasons: I did not want this site to react to the interests of others and—it’s a bit creepy. I have, however, spent a fair amount of time optimizing the performance of this site. I’d like to say the motivation was largely for a better user experience. But if I’m honest it was also to see it's competitive with other similar websites. A while back I declared I would not continue to focus on performance metrics of this site since, at this point, it’s just a vanity metric. I would be above this sort of thing.

That was all fine and good until the ranking continued to fall with each monthly run (currently 73rd). I was hearing the dual voices. “It’s more important to make stuff,” but also ”This is embarrassing. These are easy changes, they won’t take much time.”

You know what voice won. A few changes are in place. We’ll see what happens.

Side note: I was able to reduce the homepage SVG by almost half by opening it in Figma and merging some overlapping paths.

Wendell Mohr & Little Bo

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