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Weeknote 37/2021

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  • Spent part of the Labor Day weekend in the country. The dog gets nervous inside so I pitched the tent and we slept outside under an apple tree. The second night was clearer and darker. It would've been a perfect night to stay up and look at the sky but I was just too tired. It's dark up there on many nights to see the Milky Way—a sight I would never see in the city. The frogs and insects, though predator and prey, sang together in the same deafening choir. The coyotes and owls were quite active calling to each other most of the night, at times only yards from my tent. I brought an air mattress but wanted to feel the ground beneath me. All in all it was a terrible few nights for sleep but I felt more rested than I do many nights in my bed.
  • I found Doppler by Hayk An to be elegant and helpful for managing font size ratios.
Weeknote 36/2021

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