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Weeknote 31/2021

  ⁃  Notes
  • I added a SVG favicon to this site. I needed a refresher on scaling SVG.
  • Later updated the favicon reference to use Data URIs to inline the image. The SVG is small and I wanted to remove an HTTP request!
<link rel="icon" href="data:image/svg+xml,<svg xmlns=%22 version=%221.1%22 xmlns:xlink=%22 xmlns:svgjs=%22 width=%2250%22 height=%2250%22><svg xmlns=%22 width=%2250%22 height=%2250%22 role=%22img%22 aria-labelledby=%22svgLogo%22 viewBox=%220 0 50 22%22><title id=%22SvgjsTitle1000%22>Josh Crain</title><circle cx=%2240%22 cy=%225%22 r=%225%22></circle><circle cx=%2240%22 cy=%2217%22 r=%225%22></circle><circle cx=%225%22 cy=%2217%22 r=%225%22></circle><path d=%22M33 0v22c-5.5 0-10-4.9-10-11S27.5 0 33 0zM22 11c0 6.1-4.5 11-10 11V0h10v11z%22></path></svg><style>@media(prefers-color-scheme:light){:root{filter:none;}}@media(prefers-color-scheme:dark){:root{filter:invert(100%);}}</style></svg>">
Weeknote 28/2021

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