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Weeknote 22/2021

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  • Learned how to customize Slack messages for incoming webhooks. Linking text was not intuitive, the article was helpful.
  • At the end of week two I'm still feeling the effects of vertigo. Overall I'm feeling a lot better but the medicine I'm on is a bit intense.
  • Both the dog and I are on prednisone, which means we are both out of sorts. Yesterday I came into the living room to find her pooping in the middle of the floor. She's never done this in the seven years that we've had her. Thankfully, I think, I'm handling it a little bit better; though I've been a little bit squirrelly on calls this week.
  • I smoked ribs and made my own BBQ sauce on Sunday and I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. Overall it took about 5 hours. I'm looking forward to more cooking outside this summer.
  • This weekend is memorial weekend, still unsure of plans. The weather looks like it will be cool and cloudy.
  • The Iowa legislative session ended with a ban on mask mandates that affect state institutions. More people seem to be moving about, visiting restaurants, and seeing friends. I find that it's difficult to transition away from pandemic life even though I want to. It's difficult to move on when not everyone I know and care about has been vaccinated.
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