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Weeknote 08/2021

  ⁃  Notes
  • The previous week was very cold with lows around 2 above. When I woke up Tuesday morning the temperature was -17 degrees.
  • This week's Beyond the Easel with Christine Lashley and Scott Christensen was really helpful. Artist David Dibble shared tricks to extract value information while on location, in art, and photos. David provided helpful tips on using Photoshop and provided examples of how improve value in composition.
  • Trying out Obsidian for note taking and managing Markdown files used in this site. Pretty cool. The really cool thing about Obsidian is it's just a shell application that manages Markdown files stored locally or a cloud storage of choice. Since the files exist (and are still meaningful) outside of Obsidian, there is a great amount of flexibility. Changes saved in a Markdown file are automatically saved, processed with Eleventy, and an HTML file is output with the changes.
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