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Yamaha SHS-10

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Back in 2006, I stumbled upon a website called Life In Vector. At the time I was still learning what Illustrator could do, the work was eye-opening. I followed the gradient mesh tutorial for a red pepper (I cannot believe this is still online) and learned a lot about working more effectively with layers and gradients.

Yamaha SHS-10 Keytar
Yamaha SHS-10 rendered in Adobe Illustrator.

Everything rendered this way seemed to have a plastic quality so I began to look for something that was plastic. At the time I played the keytar in a band called Dr. Mike (Amazon, iTunes). The SHS-10 was perfect. I spent the next several weeks over lunch breaks working on it. I still see this image in searches for the Yamaha SHS-10, even though it’s been at least ten years since I last published it online.


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