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Weeknote 46/2020

  ⁃  Notes
  • Our small tree was loaded with leaves Sunday morning, by afternoon there were less than 40 leaves left. Temperatures are dipping into the 20s by the end of the week.
  • Sunday: For the first time the number of Covid-19 patients in Iowa hospitals is over 1000.
  • City buildings are being closed again and schools are moving to online instruction.
  • Finished Empire of the Summer Moon.
  • Implemented a version of a CSS only “click to animate gif” solution. A really smart solution that sets the opacity of the GIF to 0 until a hidden checkbox has been checked. Unfortunately, the tool I use to measure accessibility still flags the animated GIF. At a minimum, it’s a smart way to address the a11y issues until the GIFs can be updated or eliminated all together.
Weeknote 45/2020

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