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Weeknote 41/2020

  ⁃  Notes
  • In week 35 I created my own instance of Speedlify to continuously track the performance of this site. And then...
  • I had mostly forgotten about it until this week when I saw a tweet reached second place on the Eleventy leaderboard. For posterity:
  • Exploring Richard Schmid’s color charts from an eleven color palette (plus white). I believe I’ll be able to closely replicate the charts in watercolor and gouache with the watercolor I have on hand. At my pace it’ll take weeks but it’s what I need to expand my working knowledge of color.
  • The weather this week has been exceptional. Several times this week a moment observed out in the yard has remained in my mind’s eye. I decided to record these experiences as haikus.
Weeknote 34/2020

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