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Weeknote 33/2020

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  • 2020 continues to amaze.
  • The previous week we had a crew at the house working on a concrete project. New back patio, walkways, and driveway. The crew finished on Friday.
  • After the crew left the contractor drove by the house one last time to take a look at the work. When he did he noticed someone had stepped in the concrete.
  • FedEx delivered a package at 11:34 am. We noticed something was wrong at 11:41 am (first text message).
  • The delivery person didn’t see the wet concrete or the garbage cans at the end of the driveway. Took three or four steps before he could do a u-turn and get back out. The package was left at the end of the driveway. No one knocked on our door.
  • We called the crew back to the house, they did their best to fix it but we are still able to see the footprints.
  • Monday morning a derecho, 60 or 70 miles wide, moved through central Iowa along the highway 30 corridor. A lot of damage to homes and businesses. Many big trees damaged or down. Sustained winds 80-100+ mph.
  • Thankfully we didn’t sustain any damage, only sticks in the yard.
  • Crop damage is estimated to be 1 billion dollars.
  • The internet stopped Monday and was restored around 4 pm Thursday.
  • Monday I noticed a hairline crack, about 12 inches long, in the new concrete. By the end of the week it extended more than 3 feet.
  • The power went out Tuesday around 9 am. It came back around 4 pm—minutes after we bought dry ice from a neighbor.
  • The dog has been limping around since Tuesday. Hurt fetching a frisbee. Though hurt, she still managed to eat three baby rabbits this week.
  • Saturday morning I got up and helped my brother clean up his farm. He was still without power. About 15 ancient white pines were either knocked over or stripped clean by the storm. Every kind of debris: branches, leaves, pine needles were stuck in the fences. It looked as if a current of water had been flowing through the yard. I had never seen anything like it.
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