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Weeknote 21/2020

  ⁃  Notes
  • Saturday afternoon we had another birthday parade on our block and our first visitor to the house in two and a half months.
  • This is a very interesting solution from Ken Hawkins: Fractal and Eleventy: Getting static sites closer to the design system.
  • Received a nice piece in the mail: Congresswoman Cindy Axne’s Coronavirus Relief Guide for Iowa Employers.
  • We came home from the hardware store to find two police cars, a fire truck, a line of cars, and a man with a television camera from channel 5 just up the block. I approached the cameraman and asked what was going on. “It’s a birthday parade,” he said. This I had not considered. A fire or heart attack, yes. A parade on a random Monday night, no. In an effort to social distance, my neighbor’s friends gathered themselves (and the local public safety—including the fire station’s Dalmatian, Ember) for a two block parade past her house. We went back outside later and waved as they drove past. They threw candy. I got a KitKat.
  • Monday: 4 am. Tuesday-Thursday: 5: am.
Weeknote 20/2020

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