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Weeknote 20/2020

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  • It might have been the long day at home after 2 months of quarantine, but the level of teamwork and efficiency of the drive through staff at Chic-fil-A was downright inspiring.
  • Tuesday vet appointment. For now the mysterious skin lesions that began in November 2018 are under control. The only thing that seems to help is prednisone. Nothing new diagnosed.
  • Customers are not allowed in the vet building, they must call from the parking lot and wait for a worker to come out. A sign with instructions and a phone number is clearly posted outside the building. Their other location is completely closed down because they had a COVID-19 case in the building, though they had taken precautions.
  • Monday began at 4 am, an early start with the children. Work began at 4:30 am.
  • The dog has not been well, started dry heaving on Monday. A few days earlier discolored urine, a urine sample was delivered to the vet, no UTI.
  • While researching Microsoft’s end of support for IE11 (2025), I learned Microsoft Edge is available for Mac OS. I’m not sure what fact is more astonishing.
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