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Weeknote 19/2020

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  • Improved my VS Code workflow: Saved VS Code workspaces to my computer’s dock, made custom icons, added a tasks.json to automatically run the correct terminal commands when each workspace is opened. Additionally, I added a Terminal alias to quickly mount an SMB share from command line.
  • Received a call from DART Paratransit to tell me a passenger, who was on the same bus as my dad two and a half hours prior, has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Just when I think 2020 can’t get any weirder… I received a company email with a Cameo video. Brian Baumgartner announced the office will continue half-day Fridays this summer. He suggested we go to the beach and eat hot dogs with all our free time.
  • Ran Sunday night. Best 1K: 4:01, best mile: 6:29, 5K: 21:10.
  • This week I saw a modest improvement on the Eleventy Accessibility Leaderboard with a 18th place (out of 310 sites). An axe score of 357 and 100 for Lighthouse. The performance ranking continues to lag behind with a 218th place (an improvement of 23 places) with a 99 Lighthouse score.
  • A pair of wrens began work on a nest in the backyard birdhouse.
Weeknote 18/2020

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