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Weeknote 18/2020

  ⁃  Notes
  • It is very strange to be intentional about every movement, aware of every contact while in public.
  • Purchased propane at the grocery store. It was my first trip to any store in the last seven weeks. The following day purchased some supplies at the hardware store. Even the woman watering the flowers wore a mask.
  • I haves continued to be conflicted about the philosophy behind JavaScript design systems. The “Developer Experience” Bait-and-Switch is precisely what I’ve wrestled with.
  • This site continues to do well on the Eleventy Accessibility Leaderboard with a 19th place (out of 303 sites). An axe score of 349 and 100 for Lighthouse. Inlined the site CSS and removed the service worker to reduce requests to help improve the performance ranking.
  • Hastily updated this site to utilize CSS Grid for layouts. More work is needed for a more thoughtful, systematic approach.
  • Tuesday Iowa reopens parts of 77 counties starting Friday. Other businesses remain closed statewide through May 15. Some may open at 50% capacity. Religious gatherings may resume with social distancing.
  • Monday I baked bread (for the first time) using a recipe I’ve held on to for several years.
Weeknote 17/2020

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