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Weeknote 17/2020

  ⁃  Notes
  • Made significant progress on an updated patterns library I started a few weeks back. Started to think a bit more about how I can use web components to take the next step towards a ‘living’ project.
  • An additional 720 cases confirmed in Iowa on Friday. The numbers continue to increase each day.
  • There is more talk of reopening the state though I can’t see what data backs this up.
  • Signed up for an axe Pro (beta) account which helped identify some improvements with the contact form and prompted me to make a few SVGs more accessible among other things.
  • Tuesday’s run was too quick again. 6:45, 6:49, 6:45 for 3 miles.
  • Warmer and bright on Sunday. I spent some time wandering around the backyard dreaming about outdoor projects. Even after the snow the grass has been as healthy as I can remember, so I was surprised to see some spots leading around the yard. The first ones I noticed led to the side gate, circled curiously, and returned in the direction they came. I followed the trail and observed the alternating nature of the spots like a right and left foot. With certainty the spots were created by the dog crunching through the frozen grass.
Weeknote 16/2020

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