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Weeknote 16/2020

  ⁃  Notes
  • Woke up Friday morning to a winter wonderland. The third snow event this week.
  • Eleven of the twelve tomato plants have sprouted. I can already distinguish the variety by the leaves.
  • Stumbled across this Lorem Ipsum – Generator—fancy stuff by Wasai.
  • I went for a run on Tuesday night. I averaged 7:08 per mile for 3 miles. Felt awful. The streets were as quiet as I have seen. When I crossed Hickman Road I could only see one car driving in either direction. Traffic on our street has also quieted it down. We continue to see people walk past the house we’ve never seen before.
  • Monday’s view of the outside world through the front windows was bright and luminous but surprisingly cold and windy.
  • Attended Easter Sunday services on Facebook Live. Rain, then sleet. Ham and a lemon Bundt cake I baked the day before.
Weeknote 15/2020

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