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Weeknote 13/2020

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Saturday, March 28th

  • Saw a rumor on social media the CDC will recommend everyone wear masks in public.
  • Grocery stores continue to have limits on toilet paper, paper towels, packaged deli meat, milk, eggs, bagels, pasta, canned vegetables, etc. Marks on the floor to help customers know what is an appropriate distance in line. We understand Target didn’t have toilet paper, but we‘ve heard you might just have to ask for it.
  • Weeknotes during this time reminds me of the book Years of Struggle: the Farm Diary of Elmer G. Powers, 1931-1936.

Friday, March 27th

  • Today was a better day. Not great but better. I felt like I had reached a physical limit in the previous two.
  • Spoke with N. about which of us should go out for milk. I had walking pneumonia earlier this winter so that’s a reason for me to stay home.

Thursday, March 26th

  • Neighbors are placing heart cut-outs in the front windows as a sign of solidarity. We did the same.
  • Totally exhausted.

Tuesday, March 24th

  • 3.0 miles in 21:35 (7:11 min/mi).
  • Reading a bit about isolationCSS isolation and mix-blend-mode.
  • Two take-and-bakes from Gusto Pizza Co. and received two FREE rolls of toilet paper.
  • Iowa recorded its first Covid-19 death in Dubuque County.
  • It was announced the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been delayed. I can only imagine what a blow this is for the athletes who trained and tapered for an exact moment in time, only to have this uncertainty.

Monday, March 23rd

Sunday, March 22nd

  • First run in 9 days—3.0 miles in 22:19 (7:25 min/mi)
  • This site was added to the Top 200 Eleventy Sites, Performance Rank #172 Lighthouse 95
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