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Weeknote 11/2020

  ⁃  Notes
  • Took a close look at Perch Pattern Library and Bits for 24 Ways to see how others have used Fractal to create a Pattern Library.
  • Added this site to Google Search Console
  • I was reminded the method I’ve seen for drawing heads and faces is called the Reilly Method.
  • I used SVGO on this site and saved 320 bytes per page.
  • It’s really interesting to see what HTML attributes can do for two factor authentication. This is something I’ve seen in the wild, but didn’t know how it worked.
  • The effects of COVID-19 are here. The NCAA cancels all winter and spring championships—including March Madness. This is amazing for a number of reasons, but consider this: the outdoor track & field season hasn’t even started yet.
Weeknote 9/2020

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