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The launch of this website

26 Jul 2020  ⁃  Notes

When I began work on this site more than a year ago my goal was to build something other than a web designer’s personal website. The site would need to be fast, inclusive, easy to manage, with minimal friction to deploy. I did not want to spend all my time endlessly tinkering and never get around to the content. Simplicity would be of the upmost importance and would be my guiding principle.

Contrary to my initial plans, I have allowed the process to be slow and ongoing. Even in small bursts I have learned a lot and have had a chance to experiment. These skills have translated to my day job where I’ve added build tools to my workflow. The focus and work for this site has been different than I had hoped for but valuable none-the-less.

Although I’ve had personal and portfolio sites in the past I was ready to begin anew. It had been more than a few years since I had maintained a personal site of any kind. Much of the content I have to draw from is not the direction of this site. This limited content has also lended itself to slow, evolving design process.

I keep weeknotes each week, publishing what I write on my phone during the moments between things. It’s all I can do some months and that’s better than nothing.

The domain name,, is a new one. Another more common domain has been taken for many years. I chose use Eleventy for publishing because of it’s simplicity. The documentation was uncomplicated, and well written with helpful examples. An article from Filament Group got me started. The initial build took a few hours and I was mostly up and running.

Though the site went live on January 15, 2020, I’ve avoided any sort of acknowledgment of it existence. There is still plenty to do. Much left unfinished. I may never get to where I feel it’s done, so why wait. This I will say—it is live.