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Words about myself, my work, this site, and what I’m learning.

  • Crain Family Ancestry

    06 Aug 2020 — How I became involved, the resources I found valuable, and the places I’ve visited in search of a Crain family history.

  • The launch of this website

    26 Jul 2020 — The (much delayed) launch of a personal website,

  • Becoming a front-end master

    15 Mar 2020 — Readings and exercises to guide me towards front-end mastery.

  • Love Bears All Things

    13 Feb 2020 — A year ago for Valentine’s Day I made a couple bears in love. Illustration in CSS and HTML is completely unnecessary—but fun!

  • Yamaha SHS-10

    04 Feb 2020 — The Yamaha SHS-10 keytar is rendered in Adobe Illustrator. Created in about 2006.

  • A Run

    28 May 2019 — That was the night I planned to run six but instead ended up on a gravel road in the middle of a twelve-mile loop...

I also (try to) write a short weekly update called weeknotes.