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“Portrait of Louise-Antoinette Feuardent” Study

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A drawing of a woman based on a painting by Jean-François Millet

I've been down quite the rabbit trail. It all started with trees. I bought a book by Rex Vicat Cole, "The Artistic Anatomy of Trees." While reading it I came across a quote by Millet I really liked. I researched the quote and found a book about him called "Jean-François Millet, Peasant and Painter" by Alfred Sensier. I took a pause on the tree book and read the the book about Millet. The Millet book told the story of his life as an artist and provided a lot of context around the creation of some of this best drawings and paintings including this one. It really struck me and I felt compelled to study it closer and attempt to see through the eyes of the master. So here we are.