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John Crane

John Crane was born Oct. 1, 1687 the third of 10 children. John married Sarah Spencer on September 16, 1708 at Windham, she died September 15, 1715—one day before their 7th wedding anniversary. They had 3 children: John, Abiah and Eunice.

John was remarried on April 18, 1716 to Prudence Belding. They had 8 children together including Lemuel, the next ancestor in our family history. Belding suggests origins in the county of Lincolnshire, England. They lived near a place called Fort Hill, where his father had given him a house and land between 1710 and 1711. On April 10, 1728 he sold land and a dwelling to a Mr. John Walden. On April 9, 1730 it is recorded John advised the town clerk of Wethersfield not to divide any land that belonged to his grandfather Benjamin Crane. Perhaps in an effort to consolidate family land, John transfered ownership of some remaining land to his older brother Jonathan on May 16, 1735; at which time he was a resident of Coventry, Connecticut.

John's date of death and burial location are currently unknown.


The following has been transcribed from “Genealogy of the Crane Family. Volume II.

84. John Crane3 [17]. (Jonathan,2 Benjamin1 ), married 1st, Sarah Spencer, Sept. 16. 1708, at Windham. She died Sept. 15. 1715 ; 2d, Prudence Belding. April 18, 1716. He lived near a place called Fort Hill, where his father gave him house and lands Jan. 18. 1710-11. April 10, 1728, he sold all his tract of land, dwelling-house, &c, to Joseph Walden for £300. He also quitclaimed to his brother Jonathan, May 16, 1735 ; at which time he was called of Coventry.

April 9, 1730, John Crane of Wethersfield, for himself and as attorney for Jonathan Crane of Windham, gave caution to Wethersfield town clerk not to record any “distribution or agreement in ye division of land formerly of Benjamin Crane, senior, and Benjamin, Jr., and also of ye land of Isaac Crane, son of Benjamin, Jr., lying in Wethersfield.” Children:

85—1. John, b. July 31, 1709; d. in Becket, Mass.†
86—2. Abiah, b. Oct. 12, 1710.
87—3. Eunice, b. May 13, 1712.
88—4. Elisham or Elisha, b. March 13, 1718.‡
89—5. Sybil, b. April 1, 1719.
90—6. Hezekiah, b. March 31, 1721.
91—7. Prudence, b. July 24, 1723.
92—8. Lemuel, b. July 12, 1725.
93—9. Hannah, b. March 15, 1727.
94—10. Rhoda, b. March 28, 1729.
95—11. Adonijah, b. May 12, 1731.

Crane, Ellery Bicknell. Genealogy of the Crane Family. Volume II. Page 32


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