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Arthur Crain

Arthur Crain was born on July 13, 1860 in Cheshire County, New Hampshire. In 1876 he moved with his family from Shawano, Wisconsin to Iowa. He married Caroline Bailey, on June 5th, 1881 near Zearing, Iowa. She was born on December 31, 1860 in Iberia, Missouri. The name Bailey suggests an English family lineage, although we know her parents were born in Kentucky.

Albert and Caroline were the parents of 5 children: Charles, Estella, Hillis, Albert and Jessie (Reed married name). They moved to Hardin County in 1890 where they had a farm. Unable to find a sustainable income, Arthur and his brother Albert moved to Chippawa Falls, Wisconsin to find work.

Arthur died March, 1896 in Phillips, Wisconsin where he worked in logging. He is buried in Chippawa Falls, Wisconsin. Caroline died June 6, 1931 in Hubbard, Iowa where she ran the farm in the absence of Arthur.


The following has been transcribed from “Community History, Zearing, Iowa.”

Arthur L. Crain, the son of Ebenezer, was born July 13, 1860, at Winchester, Chesire county, New Hampshire. Arthur came to our community in 1876 from Shawano, Wisconsin. Caroline Bailey was born at Iberia, Missouri, on December 31, 1860. She came to Iowa with her parents in 1870. Arthur and Caroline were married on June 5, 1881. They moved to Hardin county, Iowa, in 1890.

Arthur and Caroline were the parents of five children. They were Charles L., Estella A., Hillis H., Albert W., and Jessie V.

Arthur L. died in March, 1896, at Phillips, Wisconsin. He was buried a Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Caroline died on June 6, 1931. She was buried in the Hubbard Cemetery, Hubbard, Iowa.

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