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Hi, I’m Josh Crain.

I am an experienced web designer, product designer, and front-end developer. My work allows me to make an impact through user advocacy, research, web standards, and code. There are also other interesting things.


Notes about my work, this site, and what I’m learning. Occasionally I keep weeknotes to mark events.   All notes 

Crain Family Ancestry

How I became involved, the resources I found valuable, and the places I’ve visited in search of a Crain family history.

The launch of this website

The (much delayed) launch of a personal website,

Becoming a front-end master

Readings and exercises to guide me towards front-end mastery.

Love Bears All Things

A year ago for Valentine’s Day I made a couple bears in love. Illustration in CSS and HTML is completely unnecessary—but fun!

Yamaha SHS-10

The Yamaha SHS-10 keytar is rendered in Adobe Illustrator. Created in about 2006.

A Run

That was the night I planned to run six but instead ended up on a gravel road in the middle of a twelve-mile loop...

Sketches & studies

I want to spend a lot more time drawing, painting, and in my sketchbook.   All sketches 

Plein Air Sketch

Some of my first paintings in Gouache were done outside.

Gouache Studies

I was introduced to Gouache, here are some of the first studies.


Digital art created with an iPad Mini and Procreate.