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Josh Crain Illustration

Hi, I’m Josh Crain.

I design and build for the web. My work allows me to make an impact through user advocacy, web standards, research, and code. I run and sketch in my spare time. There are also other interesting things.

You are welcome to say hello or ask a question.


22 posts

A few performance updates because I’m weak and can’t help myself.

Wendell Mohr & Little Bo

How Google Street View and an expired online auction took me back to my childhood home.

Solving Problems in Design

In June, my student work was featured in a video Roy R. Behrens produced, titled Solving Problems in Design.

Ray Frederick Sale

I attended a sale of work by the late artist Ray Fredrick and made some connections.

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16 items
drawing of a cardinal
Drawing A collection of sketches. (5 items)
digital watercolor painting
Painting A collection of sketches. (4 items)
Gouache painting.
Sketchbook A collection of sketches. (7 items)

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300 activities
When Distance Time Pace Heart Rate VO2 Max
12:40 PM
3.00 mi 21:15 7:05/mi 142 bpm
(162 Max)
62 VO2 Max
12:55 PM
1.29 mi 09:13 7:08/mi 144 bpm
(158 Max)
3 hills.
12:25 PM
4.00 mi 27:09 6:47/mi 146 bpm
(158 Max)
61 VO2 Max
12:48 PM
4.01 mi 27:28 6:51/mi 146 bpm
(161 Max)
61 VO2 Max
12:16 PM
3.01 mi 22:33 7:29/mi 144 bpm
(154 Max)
59 VO2 Max

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