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Josh Crain Illustration

Hi, I’m Josh Crain.

I design and build for the web. My work allows me to make an impact through user advocacy, web standards, research, and code. I run and sketch in my spare time. There are also other interesting things.

You are welcome to say hello or ask a question.


27 posts
Web Components & Display Contents

The CSS property display: contents; can help layout CSS grids using web components.

The Lobotomized Owl & Web Component Slots

The Lobotomized Owl trick does not work for slotted content in web components. What else can be done?

2022 Year In Review

A look back at accomplishments and happenings over the last year.

SVG Self-Portrait

Notes on digital self-portrait created with Adobe Fresco.

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16 items
A drawing of a woman
Drawing A collection of drawings. (6 items)
digital watercolor painting
Painting A collection of paintings. (4 items)
Gouache painting.
Sketchbook A collection of sketches. (6 items)


427 activities
WhenDistanceTimePaceHeart Rate
6:13 AM
3.20 mi23:307:20/mi153 bpm
(175 Max)
12:24 PM
4.00 mi27:396:54/mi142 bpm
(157 Max)
12:50 PM
4.00 mi28:527:13/mi160 bpm
(184 Max)
12:32 PM
3.00 mi21:247:08/mi155 bpm
(184 Max)
12:32 PM
0.81 mi05:427:02/mi129 bpm
(141 Max)
Hamstring :(
12:14 PM
4.00 mi27:226:50/mi142 bpm
(161 Max)
9:38 AM
3.74 mi34:429:16/mi143 bpm
(162 Max)

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