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Hi, I’m Josh Crain.

I design and build websites. My work allows me to make an impact through design, user advocacy, web standards, research, and code. I run and sketch in my spare time. There are also other interesting things.


A Look Back at 2021

A look back at work, running, and changes to this site in 2021.

The Fastest

Hey! I have the fastest site on The Eleventy Leaderboard for No. 15!

A Running Log - Garmin Connect and Eleventy

Use Eleventy to log Garmin Connect activities on a website and automate the process with Zapier and Netlify.

Find Whitespace in VSCode

Something I learned about whitespace (and new line character) regex search in VSCode.

December 27th, 2020

I stepped outside into the crisp December morning.

It’ll all be over by... Christmas

Slow and steady is the race. Onward to 2021.

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Artwork Sketches
Sketches Just a few sketches.
Artwork Digital
Digital Digital art.
Artwork Plein Air Sketch
Plein Air Sketch Some of my first paintings in Gouache were done outside.
Artwork Gouache Studies
Gouache Studies I was introduced to Gouache, here are some of the first studies.


When Distance Time Pace Heart Rate VO2 Max
12:06 PM
3.15 mi 21:52 6:56/mi 163 bpm
(176 Max)
57 VO2 Max
11:40 AM
4.04 mi 27:19 6:45/mi 151 bpm
(173 Max)
58 VO2 Max
12:18 PM
3.01 mi 20:50 6:55/mi 158 bpm
(184 Max)
56 VO2 Max
Trails are a little worse than yesterday. 33 degrees and sunny.

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