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Hi, I’m Josh Crain.

I am a product designer and front-end developer. My work allows me to make an impact through design, user advocacy, web standards, research, and code. I study drawing and painting in my free time. It’s important for me to improve at what I do, this site helps with that goal. There are also other interesting things.


December 27th, 2020

I stepped outside into the crisp December morning.

It’ll all be over by... Christmas

Slow and steady is the race. Onward to 2021.

Project Proposal Form

I challenged myself to rebuild a print form in HTML.

The First Weeks of October

Haikus to commemorate extra time outdoors during the first three weeks of October 2020.

Crain Family Ancestry

How I became involved, the resources I found valuable, and the places I’ve visited in search of a Crain family history.

The launch of this website

The (much delayed) launch of a personal website,

See all notes or a list of semi-weekly weeknotes. The most recent is Weeknote 09/2021.