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Josh Crain Illustration

Hi, I’m Josh Crain.

I design and build for the web. My work allows me to make an impact through user advocacy, web standards, research, and code. I run and sketch in my spare time. There are also other interesting things.

You are welcome to say hello or ask a question.


17 posts
A Look Back at 2021

A look back at work, running, and changes to this site in 2021.

The Fastest

Hey! I have the fastest site on The Eleventy Leaderboard for №15 (and №16 and №17)!

A Running Log - Garmin Connect and Eleventy

Use Eleventy to log Garmin Connect activities on a website and automate the process with Zapier and Netlify.

Find Whitespace in VSCode

Something I learned about whitespace (and new line character) regex search in VSCode.

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5 pages
drawing of a cardinal
Drawing 2022. Digital. (3 items).
digital painting
Digital Painting 2021. Digital. (3 items).
painting in a sketchbook
Watercolor & Gouache 2015. Gouache. (3 items).

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219 activities
When Distance Time Pace Heart Rate VO2 Max
12:11 PM
4.00 mi 25:50 6:27/mi 156 bpm
(182 Max)
60 VO2 Max
12:25 PM
4.00 mi 26:01 6:30/mi 148 bpm
(165 Max)
61 VO2 Max
12:43 PM
6.30 mi 40:36 6:26/mi 151 bpm
(167 Max)
59 VO2 Max
The 5th mile was 6:16.
11:44 AM
4.00 mi 25:56 6:29/mi 163 bpm
(181 Max)
58 VO2 Max
11:55 AM
4.00 mi 26:25 6:36/mi 154 bpm
(179 Max)
58 VO2 Max
Hot. Humidity makes it feel like 90 degrees.

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